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When I came to Szeged, I did not know anywhere. They helped me to find flat,... It was great help!
by Fidan D., İzmir, Turkey 2016
ERASMUS student at University of Szeged, SZTE-GTK, İzmir University of Economics
Helping hand for my daughter for finding flat,... Taking care of her as their family member. Even when she was sick, they helped her.
by Dr. Nader Sh. Tehran, Iran 2017
Professor of Medical Ethics in Tehran university, University of Tehran
I and my Erasmus classmates are very thankful for what you did for us. Wish the best 🙂
by Mélanie C.,Marseille, France 2014
Erasmus student at University of Szeged, Bienvenue à Université de Paris
They found a very nice flat in the center with a nice price in just a couple of hours. Awesome. They are really fast.
by Katrin W., Hamburg, Germany2015
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK
When I arrived in the city, I got a very nice flat with the best price in center. Still l live there and l am very satisfied. That helped me for studying better.
by Chiara F., Florence, Italy 2008
Pharmacy student at University of Szeged, Szte-AOK
Az Iroda munkájával tökéletesen meg vagyok elégedve. Ez az iroda dolgozik, hajtja az üzletet, és elvégzi a munkát. - Máshol csak üldögélnek az asztalnál! Ajánlom mindenkinek!!
by Dr. H. Andrea
Szeged, Lakás tulajdonos
Even before coming to Szeged, you helped me to choose the best flat in Szeged. Thank you all.
by Abdullah B., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2010
Medical student at University of Szeged, sZTE-AOK
Thank you very much! I think I'm lost without your help 🙂 They helped me till end of my tenancy contract. Thank you.
by Yukiko S., Kyoto, Japan 2011
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK
Precíz, pontos, és nagyon gyors, és udvarias volt az eljárás. Nagyon tetszett, hogy rugalmas hétvégi időpontos megbeszélésre is volt lehetőség
by F. Zoltán
Lakás tulajdonos, Szeged

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