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Arian Group Kft. operates, website. We inform website visitors about principles of handling information provided to us. We use it in practice and access or delete their data. May the website requests personal details from visitors. Then it will be acted with the following.
Legal basis for info processing: voluntary consent of data subject. Only use personal information which was previously provided by web surfer on a form. By providing personal info, site visitor consents to management and registration. Users authorize us on sending them details and leaflets related to our services.
We may work on technical data. They maybe IP address, date of use, visited webpages, browser. These are automatically generated by user’s computer, when they surf site. These statistical info are applied only in an unidentifiable form. When visiting, site asks for user’s consent.

Personal information may only be used for specific purpose. We use them to exercise a right or fulfill a task. Purpose of details collection is meeting individual needs in our services. Your figures will be treated privately. It will not be disclosed to third party without data owner permission. TV Section 14 c) you may request controller to delete or block your input except mandatory details processing. We will only store and use your personal facts until that date. We comply relevant Hungarian law in certain issues in data management. § (Ekertv), § CXII 2011 information self-determination right.Freedom of information. § LXIII1992 personal info protection interest. § (Avtv), § CXIX 1995 on name, address management for electronic commerce services, research, direct business acquisition purpose. GDPR rule (EU) 2016/679 THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL 27 April 2016 on the safety of individual facts. It’s about processing details on such info free movement and repealing rules. (EC) No 95/46 Data safety law. (Hungarian text regulation: DOWNLOAD)

We use personal details which provide by website visitors in our services. (personally, writing or electronically). We only handle client’s info for following purposes. We do not create a user profile and do not store visitor’s details. Forms on Arian’s website only collect data. e.g., email address sent by user for a specific purpose. e.g., notification about new real estate ads. We inform our clients about apply of data they sent us.  As well, the possibility of deleting information. use so-called cookies on the website. Cookie is a small file. It contains series of characters, placed on your computer when you visit website. They can also store individual settings and other information of visitors. Under EU law, site owner must draw your attention to this fact. It is so-called Uses “cookie”. They are text files. Using them for improving your browsing experience and measure traffic anonymously. You can disable cookies in all browser settings. By clicking Accept button, our visitors accept cookies placed on site. They have right to modify, change or delete own data, unless restricted by law. You have right to be informed about personal information processed by us. Site visitors may submit any related requests to the Arian Property at e-mail address, telephone or in person. We will take necessary steps and implement measure within maximum 8 days of request for data modification or deletion. If user is prohibited from processing personal information, some services may not be used or may be used in a limited form. We will forward Electronic newsletters only to users who consent in advance. User can subscribe newsletter. It can be done by clicking subscription link at bottom of newsletter. We take all security measures ensuring the highest protection level of data and prevent unauthorized access. Website contains links at non-Arian property sites that allow user leave the site. In this case, User’s info is managed on this page. We are not responsible for handling data collected by other websites.

The address, parameters, photos, details of property owner in our system are personally recorded by employees by help of an assignment contract, information sheet and a camera. With signing assignment agreement, client agrees that property address, photos, parameters included, as well as client’s e-mail address, telephone number, personal details are managed within our closed database. Client will be notified on e-mail about information recording, modification, deletion in system. Principal may request contract termination and data deletion from employee in person or by e-mail. After aching goal (selling, renting, …) with order fulfillment, payment of the fee, data will be permanently deleted from our system. As well order contract, information sheet and mediation statement will be destroyed. At dispute event over performance, data is stored until problem is resolved, with owner being notified.

We contact interested parties who have set themselves goal of purchasing and renting advertised property. Those interested do not receive ownership details. If they wish to access details, our staff will create a written document, so-called mediation statement, where client and the involved parties declare that they have provided information to each other. The data contained mediation statement won’t be registered online, they only remain in possession of real estateowner by writing. Following property rent or sale, upon following order, fee payment, brokerage statement will be destroyed. In any case, any data issued by our involved sides will be provided specifically for purpose of searching for property and interested party may request data deletion previously provided by clicking on link give in the notification e-mails.

– data controller: Arian Group Kft.
– headquarters: 6720 Szeged, Kelemen László street. 2
– e-mail:
– company registration number: 06-09-013873, tax number: 14734601-2-06
– represented by Dr. Shams Alireza, CEO
– Name of the Data Protection Officer: Dr. Shams Alireza
– contact details of the data protection officer:, tel: +36 (62) 444-22

Last modification: 2020.05.20.

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