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Our company was founded in 1998 and we have been selling, letting and managing properties in Szeged, the central city of South Hungary for 20 years. In fact, we have been active here since the property market was first liberalized. Over the last 20 years, we have let well over 1000 central commercial and warehousing. Szeged residential properties as well as several hundreds of offices,                                     

Since September 1998, our company has received good reputation among buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants as our aim is to satisfy all the demands of our clients and we keep in view the special situation and peculiarities of the region in our services. We intend to enhance this reputation by constant developments. Our expertness, fast, proper and reliable work is for the satisfaction of our present and future clients. Besides Selling and renting, the complete redecoration of the estate’s can is also among our services and that makes the Arian property an outstanding part of the Szeged real estate trade. So, if you want to buy or rent a flat, garage, office, house, farm or building-site we will find the best one to your demand as soon as possible. If you want to sell or let out your property. We will provide you the best services. If you want to redecorate your property we stand at your disposal with good prices and high-quality services. We do generally sell new residential complexes under building or key in hand properties. We do offer you best properties in Szeged and Hungary for buying or renting. The base of our estate agency work is our computer database with up-to-date information about the registered properties which gives the chance to our clients to receive the best for their demands. We are proud of our helpful and supporting job with which we stand by our clients after the signing of the contracts too. The name ‘Arian’ is a synonym for expert and reliability in the real estate business. The growing number of our clients proves that our motto, “our product is your gain”. Is not just a phrase, we do our best to make it true. While many real estate companies just offer advice on investments property purchases in Hungary, we are one of the very few who specialize exclusively in property management and letting for owners who already have property interests here. The letting market in Szeged is highly competitive. Many investors have bought property here over the last five to ten years with a view to profiting from convergence in values once Hungary joined the EU. As a result, there is a substantial amount of supply in most areas of the market, particularly in the areas of secondary properties, new build offices and apartments renovated to a poor standard. To be able to let property in this highly competitive market connection and experience are vital. We have both.

Our activities include:

  • Buying and selling properties
  • Letting properties
  • Valuation (officially registered Property valuator in the city hall of Szeged)
  • Reliable, discreet, fast property management
  • Interior design and furnishing
  • Home improvement, restoration, repair, maintenance
  • Legal consulting and full support, attention

Our activity is mainly in Szeged and its neighborhood. Visit our website and look at our real estate offers! Our expertise, accurate and fully-satisfied work has earned us a reputation for a great reputation. Our clients are many foreign and Hungarian citizens living in Hungary. We are dealing with the sale, leasing of houses, flats, garages, offices, and plots, and we will find the property that best suits your needs. If desired, we will prepare the valuation prior to the contract and complete the furnishing, renovation or protection work. We are committed to full legal administration, preparation of contracts, and we are at our disposal for a long time after the conclusion of the contract: we take care over other real estate tasks, even the day to daycare. We can also help those who are interested in improving their property status, equipment, and equipment before or after purchase. The property thus restored and repaired is a good investment. As you expect, our up-to-date online computer database will be fast, but with care, we’ll find you with what you are looking for. Of course, for our best results, our announcements are featured with a photo. If you buy, sell, lease, let, decorate, renovate, evaluate, you can get comprehensive information about properties, demand, and supply in and around Szeged. Our clients are prepared and professionally represented, providing full administration. Our goal is for our customers to choose us for our results. Our staff is experienced consultants who are up to date with you at your disposal. We are delighted that you have visited our website, hopefully, find much useful information that we can help you to sell your property or find your home as soon as possible. Our office offers the property for sale from all over the city, but we can find many apartments and family houses in other cities.

Our mission is to provide first-rate, reliable real estate mediation, client-oriented service, in a positive work environment with constantly expanding and improving services according to our customer’s needs. Our values are to treat our clients and employees honestly, respectfully and with honor. In order to be successful, it is important for us to employ a workforce who have the expertise, competence, and credibility which are necessary to perform their functions.

Our goals and the satisfaction of our clients can only be met with high standards and continuous improvement. The two main pillars of these high expectations are: on one side our leading position in the real estate agency market in Szeged and from the other side the high-quality standards of the University. That is why we continuously improve our services so that students and property owners will be both satisfied with our work and we can keep our leading position in the real estate industry in Szeged.

We strive to raise the real estate industry to the highest level of our everyday work, to increase its recognition and to include our prospective customers as well as our satisfied customers. We trust that property owners and prospective customers will appreciate our work and will choose us in the future if they offer, seek, advice, and credit.

Why choose us:

  • Because you can choose from a wealth of real estate
  • Because we guarantee the quick administration
  • Because we are flexible
  • From cheap studio flat to luxury houses, all our range,
  • We are constantly looking for the right property for our registered customers
  • Our company is a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Association and the Hungarian Franchise Federation
  • You choose what to look for, loan management, contract bonding, home delivery
  • Customers can also customize their clients to prepare their individual visits for the selected properties in our office by compiling the appropriate material.
  • For our clients, our realtors will present our property in person and free of charge
  • In case of the realization of their real estate transactions, a law firm closely cooperating with our company undertakes the necessary administration, document building, legal representation
  • Our office is considered one of Hungary’s leading real estate brokers. Our expertise has persuaded our residential customers and investors in recent years, so today everyone is trusted by our company
  • We will advertise your property in several languages: we provide information about the apartment in English, German and Hungarian language
  • We can assist you in solving problems and conflicts in several languages
  • Our offices are located at the faculties of medicine, so the students first apply at us.
  • We help with the translation and communication: our team can help beneath English in German, Spanish and French language.
  • We have a contractual relationship with the medical faculties, so the high quality of our service is also important from this aspect.
  • We accommodate every year several hundreds of students in rented apartments, so we can assist you with our many years of experience in consulting: how to set up your home, what to look for, what documents you will need.
  • We remain during the whole process in touch with you.
  • The rapid mediation of your apartment is also in our interest to ensure that our spending will be profitable as soon as possible.
  • The inclusion in our database, advertisement and consulting are completely free.
  • free personal survey of your apartment
  • determination of rental fee
  • free consultation
  • we bring clients to view the apartment
  • personal presentation of the flat
  • bilingual rental contract
  • furniture list
  • translation
  • conflict management
  • attorney assistance
  • moving companies
  • cleaning services
  • interior design specialists
  • assistance with title papers
  • assistance at the immigration office
  • maintenance (water-gas-electricity)
  • investment counsel
  • We will help you with multi-language translation and communication
  • A good English speaker and the prepared team will help you
  • We accommodate hundreds of students every year, therefore, we know what your needs are. We have encountered almost every possible difficulty, so we can easily help you in solving your problem. Aside from these issues, we can assist in solving difficulties arising from cultural differences.
  • Our office is located at the Faculty of medicine; therefore we represent the interests of students as well.
  • We have the largest database of flats for rent in Szeged
  • We show you the flats personally.
  • We find your dream apartment quickly even in one day.
  • You can find precise information about the flats so there are no surprises!
  • We can also help you in finding a flatmate: you can advertise your room for rent free.

The purpose of our website is to let your real estate agency regularly inform you about the latest real estate market news, to give you a taste of our latest new and used home furnishing and to provide you with useful information. It is our experience that a family always has a question about home buying, selling, furnishing, or borrowing. Our qualified staff is at your disposal in any case.

You can contact us here on our website (Contact form or live chat) or phone (free on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or by email or visiting us in our office.

You can choose from our current offers on our website or come to our office in Szeged, Kelemen László street, in the city of sunshine! Please feel free to contact us. We hope to welcome you as soon as you are satisfied with our office and welcome you to a coffee!

If you would like to receive our newsletters about real estate market in Hungary, please let us know.

Thanks for the opportunity and the honor to work with you!

Do you look for a property in Szeged or in Hungary to buy or rent?

Are you looking for a highly experienced and reliable company to find it, manage it and support you during your tenancy period? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. we can supply you with a very competitive quote and a guarantee that our service will be done to the highest possible standards. We can help you to find the best flat in the center or anywhere you like with the best price, in a very short time. Our translators and lawyers will be with you during your stay in Hungary at any legal cause which you need us. You can even have our legal service or rent a flat when you are out of Hungary. We will be at the airport to take you to your new home here. you won’t need a hotel.

The University of Szeged is in the downtown, by the Tisza river. Flats close to the university are more expensive. Downtown is full of historical old buildings. Most of them renewed from outside and/or inside. In last ten years, lots of new buildings were built in Szeged. If you go far from downtown, you can find cheaper, newer and nicer flats. Of course, it is important to know what is the most important things for you?


We recommend somewhere with the highest percentage of all these factors, and we do our best for finding the best flat for you in the shortest time. If you let us know the time of your arrival, you don’t even need to stay at the hotel. Our translators and lawyers will support you till the last day of staying in the flat (24/7). All our flats are fully furnished and have internet and cable Tv connection. (some of the flats have satellite receiver). Our aim is to offer accommodation for any category of price for renters (in Szeged, renters are mostly students) Our lease contracts are drawn up by our legal department utilizing the services of an expert property lawyer. Leases are usually either in   HUF or in Euros. Most leases in Szeged tend to be for at least one year. The contracts are for an indefinite period on a year to year basis. Our leases require that the tenant deposits a security deposit of at least 1-2 months of the rental value and if the lease is resigned that the tenant return the property in the condition it was in when they first took it.

why should you buy property in Hungary?

  1. It is very easy to reach Hungary from every point in Europe. Tourists from most European countries do not need a visa, and for the remaining.
  2. The territorial location of the country allows at any time, for about 5 hours by car, to travel from the border of other European countries to Hungary. The absence of language problems together with the favorable location allows a visit by relatives and friends.
  3. The ecologically clear environment is provided by the natural factors, the ecological culture and strong mentality of people, healthy food.
  4. The admissible process of welling, medicines, furniture, domestic appliances, the qualitative, cheap and ecologically-clean foodstuffs available, as well as the comparatively well-developed system of public urban and interurban transport, is an advantage.
  5. Typical for the population is the positive attitude, communicativeness, sense of equality, absence of aggressiveness.
  6. There are good conditions for business development, relative stability of laws and observance there, developed and stable bank system, transport, telecommunications. The favorable geographical location is the precondition for the development of the international business.
  7. Good conditions for the development of man are provided by the free and admissible information, by the wide network of public organizations, clubs, and various school institutions.
  8. Hungary is the official member of the European Union and Schengen countries.