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Advantages and Disadvantages of American Cuisine

  • For large-sized apartments, a decorative and unique solution is the same ceiling as the kitchen furniture.
  • The kitchen is not completely separated and continues in the style and mood of the furniture in the living room. The dining set and the kitchen are located above the living room, thus highlighting the feature design with the design element.
  • A clever game with space: separated by an open element, a small workspace was also cut off from the living room.
  • For low-floor dwellings, it is particularly important to keep the site functional and maintain its functionality. The colors can be played very well in this case, with 1-2 more striking shades the designer really created an intimate interior.
  • The living area separated by a screen. The television was thus perfectly positioned.
  • Here the kitchen is the separate unit, the living room and the dining area are together. A special feature of this kitchen is that the extractor does not hang in space, so it does not narrow it down because it is sinking into the ceiling.
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