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If you are honoring our company with your comments, we strive to realize our valuable ideas and launch new developments. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our services and, of course, correct any mistakes.

Please let us know

  • opinions about our services,
  • suggestions on how to improve the quality of our clients’
  • initiatives on the services that you have requested but which are missing from our offer,
  • Possible negative experiences.

Where can you make your comments?

You can submit your comments to us in several ways.

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  • By Phone& Text

– On 0036 20 45 11111 mobile number (Free on: Viber/ WhatsApp /Telegram)

– On the 0036 62 444 22 telephone number of our Headquarter. (Work time alive, none work time: 24/7 answering machine)

  • By mail
  • Arian Group Ltd. Kelemen László street 2, Hungary 6720
  • By website
  • The Contact Form filled out
  • Live Chat
  • By E-mail
  • E-mail to: Info@arian.hu
  • Through branch headquarters during opening hours
  • Personally, orally and in writing
  • Through an authorized agent
  • By Fax
  • On the 0036 62 444 22 fax number: 24/7

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