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why should you buy property in Hungary?

  1. It is very easy to reach Hungary from every point in Europe. Tourists from most European countries do not need a visa, and for the remaining.
  2. The territorial location of the country allows at any time, for about 5 hours by car, to travel from the border of other European countries to Hungary. The absence of language problems together with the favorable location allows a visit by relatives and friends.
  3. The ecologically clear environment is provided by the natural factors, the ecological culture and strong mentality of people, healthy food.
  4. The admissible process of welling, medicines, furniture, domestic appliances, the qualitative, cheap and ecologically-clean foodstuffs available, as well as the comparatively well-developed system of public urban and interurban transport, is an advantage.
  5. Typical for the population is the positive attitude, communicativeness, sense of equality, absence of aggressiveness.
  6. There are good conditions for business development, relative stability of laws and observance there, developed and stable bank system, transport, telecommunications. The favorable geographical location is the precondition for the development of the international business.
  7. Good conditions for the development of man are provided by the free and admissible information, by the wide network of public organizations, clubs, and various school institutions.
  8. Hungary is the official member of the European Union and Schengen countries.

Properties for Sale

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Do you look for a property in Szeged or in Hungary to buy or rent?

Are you looking for a highly experienced and reliable company to find it, manage it and support you during your tenancy period? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. we can supply you with a very competitive quote and a guarantee that our service will be done to the highest possible standards. We can help you to find the best flat in the center or anywhere you like with the best price, in a very short time. Our translators and lawyers will be with you during your stay in Hungary at any legal cause which you need us. You can even have our legal service or rent a flat when you are out of Hungary. We will be at the airport to take you to your new home here. you won’t need a hotel.

The University of Szeged is in the downtown, by the Tisza river. Flats close to the university are more expensive. Downtown is full of historical old buildings. Most of them renewed from outside and/or inside. In last ten years, lots of new buildings were built in Szeged. If you go far from downtown, you can find cheaper, newer and nicer flats. Of course, it is important to know what is the most important things for you?


We recommend somewhere with the highest percentage of all these factors, and we do our best for finding the best flat for you in the shortest time. If you let us know the time of your arrival, you don’t even need to stay at the hotel. Our translators and lawyers will support you till the last day of staying in the flat (24/7). All our flats are fully furnished and have internet and cable Tv connection. (some of the flats have satellite receiver). Our aim is to offer accommodation for any category of price for renters (in Szeged, renters are mostly students) Our lease contracts are drawn up by our legal department utilizing the services of an expert property lawyer. Leases are usually either in   HUF or in Euros. Most leases in Szeged tend to be for at least one year. The contracts are for an indefinite period on a year to year basis. Our leases require that the tenant deposits a security deposit of at least 1-2 months of the rental value and if the lease is resigned that the tenant return the property in the condition it was in when they first took it.

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Helping hand for my daughter for finding flat,... Taking care of her as their family member. Even when she was sick, they helped her.
by Dr. Nader Sh. Tehran, Iran 2020
Professor of Medical Ethics in Tehran university, University of Tehran
I appreciate very much the service you are offering. Many thanks for your help! Fast, Correct, honest.
by Magnus J., Gothenburg Sweden 2006
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK
Thank you very much! I think I'm lost without your help 🙂 They helped me till end of my tenancy contract. Thank you.
by Yukiko S., Kyoto, Japan 2011
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK

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