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For renting a place there is three-factor which help you to find the right property.
We recommend somewhere with the highest percentage of all these factors. We do our best for finding the best flat for you in the shortest time. If you let us know the time of your arrival, you don’t even need to stay at the hotel. Our translators and lawyers will support you till the last day of staying in the flat (24/7). All our flats are fully furnished and have internet and cable Tv connection. (some of the flats have satellite receiver). Our aim is to offer accommodation for any category of price for renters. Our lease contracts are drawn up by our legal department utilising the services of an expert property lawyer. Leases are usually either in HUF or in Euros. Most leases in Szeged tend to be for at least one year. The contracts are for an indefinite period on a year to year basis. Our leases require the deposit of at least 1-2 months of the rental value. If the lease is resigned that the tenant return the property in the condition it was in when they first took it.

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Monday-Friday: 9:00am- 6:00pm.

Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays:          we are available with prior consultation

Arian Property Headquarters

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Tel/Fax: 0036 62 444 222

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