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Buildings in Hungary according to ownership:
  • Private ownership of property (House, flat): The property belongs to the owner. The owner buys the ownership of property and can rent, buy, sell and manage the property as anywhere else in the world.

State ownership of property (House, flat): This kind of properties is just for Hungarian citizens. The property belongs to the state (practically the organization which manage the properties of government in the city, like IKV in Szeged). The owner buys the right of use of a property and can rent, buy, sell and manage the property (only with the permission of state). The buyers of such properties pay for buying the right of use and every month a rent to the state.

Buildings in Hungary according to the heating method:
  • Own heating system: The property has own water, gas, electricity clocks and you pay for what you use.

  • Distance heating system. The property has just had electricity and water clocks and there is fix fee for heating for all the year (12 months).

Buildings in Hungary according to Style:
  • Panel flat (Panellakás): The mass contract flats with mostly fix fee for heating

  • Classic style flats (Polgári lakás): Mostly belongs to first of 20th century or even older. Some have renovated (once or a couple of times). You can find these kinds of buildings mostly in the city center. The significant character of these properties is high ceiling (4 meters or more) rooms and a wooden floor (parkette).

  • New style buildings according to Eu rules, with very well heat isolation, all the modern characters of new buildings.

Here are some of the things that make Hungary a fabulous place to live:
  • Value For Money

Hungary is probably over 60% cheaper than the UK and Ireland. House prices are a fraction of UK and Irish prices. Properties on offer in Hungary are just no longer available in the UK & Ireland. Similar properties throughout the rest of Europe are typically more than 3 x Hungarian prices

  • Higher Interest on bank Savings

Savings in Hungarian banks, are almost double that of the UK & Ireland. You are entitled to a Hungarian bank account as a property owner.

  • Climate

Hungary is around 8 degrees hotter than the UK & Ireland in summer, with around 50% less rainfall. Its still 8 degrees cooler than Spain. So if you would like to see a bit more of the sun, but find Mediterranean heat oppressive, thus Hungary might be for you.

  • Freehold

All the property we sell has the absolute title in your name and an existing, established property. There is no buying off -plan and no leaseholds in blocks. The land and property are yours and its freehold.

  • Health

Emergency Healthcare is free for all EU citizens in Hungary. Obtain an EHIC card before you travel

  • Accessible by Air

There are more than 150 of these flights a week. You can see your family back at home whenever you want.

  • Property Value Appreciation

Property prices in Hungary are dramatically undervalued than the rest of Europe. Hungary did not experience a property boom like the rest of Europe in the period 2000 to 2008. Similar properties in neighboring Croatia are approx. 3 times more expensive and Austria the difference is even greater.

  • Free Travel

Over 65′s travel by rail and bus for free in Hungary and as an EU citizen so do you.

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