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Why choose us:

  • Because you can choose from a wealth of real estate
  • Because we guarantee the quick administration
  • Because we are flexible
  • From cheap studio flat to luxury houses, all our range,
  • We are constantly looking for the right property for our registered customers
  • Our company is a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Association and the Hungarian Franchise Federation
  • You choose what to look for, loan management, contract bonding, home delivery
  • Customers can also customize their clients to prepare their individual visits for the selected properties in our office by compiling the appropriate material.
  • For our clients, our realtors will present our property in person and free of charge
  • In case of the realization of their real estate transactions, a law firm closely cooperating with our company undertakes the necessary administration, document building, legal representation
  • Our office is considered one of Hungary’s leading real estate brokers. Our expertise has persuaded our residential customers and investors in recent years, so today everyone is trusted by our company
  • We will advertise your property in several languages: we provide information about the apartment in English, German and Hungarian language
  • We can assist you in solving problems and conflicts in several languages
  • Our offices are located at the faculties of medicine, so the students first apply at us.
  • We help with the translation and communication: our team can help beneath English in German, Spanish and French language.
  • We have a contractual relationship with the medical faculties, so the high quality of our service is also important from this aspect.
  • We accommodate every year several hundreds of students in rented apartments, so we can assist you with our many years of experience in consulting: how to set up your home, what to look for, what documents you will need.
  • We remain during the whole process in touch with you.
  • The rapid mediation of your apartment is also in our interest to ensure that our spending will be profitable as soon as possible.
  • The inclusion in our database, advertisement and consulting are completely free.
  • free personal survey of your apartment
  • determination of rental fee
  • free consultation
  • we bring clients to view the apartment
  • personal presentation of the flat
  • bilingual rental contract
  • furniture list
  • translation
  • conflict management
  • attorney assistance
  • moving companies
  • cleaning services
  • interior design specialists
  • assistance with title papers
  • assistance at the immigration office
  • maintenance (water-gas-electricity)
  • investment counsel
  • We will help you with multi-language translation and communication
  • A good English speaker and the prepared team will help you
  • We accommodate hundreds of students every year, therefore, we know what your needs are. We have encountered almost every possible difficulty, so we can easily help you in solving your problem. Aside from these issues, we can assist in solving difficulties arising from cultural differences.
  • Our office is located at the Faculty of medicine; therefore we represent the interests of students as well.
  • We have the largest database of flats for rent in Szeged
  • We show you the flats personally.
  • We find your dream apartment quickly even in one day.
  • You can find precise information about the flats so there are no surprises!
  • We can also help you in finding a flatmate: you can advertise your room for rent free.

The purpose of our website is to let your real estate agency regularly inform you about the latest real estate market news, to give you a taste of our latest new and used home furnishing and to provide you with useful information. It is our experience that a family always has a question about home buying, selling, furnishing, or borrowing. Our qualified staff is at your disposal in any case.

You can contact us here on our website (Contact form or live chat) or phone (free on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or by email or visiting us in our office.

You can choose from our current offers on our website or come to our office in Szeged, Kelemen László street, in the city of sunshine! Please feel free to contact us. We hope to welcome you as soon as you are satisfied with our office and welcome you to a coffee!

If you would like to receive our newsletters about real estate market in Hungary, please let us know.

Thanks for the opportunity and the honor to work with you

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I and my Erasmus classmates are very thankful for what you did for us. Wish the best 🙂
by Mélanie C.,Marseille, France 2014
Erasmus student at University of Szeged, Bienvenue à Université de Paris
I appreciate very much the service you are offering. Many thanks for your help! Fast, Correct, honest.
by Magnus J., Gothenburg Sweden 2006
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK
Precíz, pontos, és nagyon gyors, és udvarias volt az eljárás. Nagyon tetszett, hogy rugalmas hétvégi időpontos megbeszélésre is volt lehetőség
by F. Zoltán
Lakás tulajdonos, Szeged
They found a very nice flat in the center with a nice price in just a couple of hours. Awesome. They are really fast.
by Katrin W., Hamburg, Germany2015
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK
When I arrived in the city, I got a very nice flat with the best price in center. Still l live there and l am very satisfied. That helped me for studying better.
by Chiara F., Florence, Italy 2008
Pharmacy student at University of Szeged, Szte-AOK
Helping hand for my daughter for finding flat,... Taking care of her as their family member. Even when she was sick, they helped her.
by Dr. Nader Sh. Tehran, Iran 2020
Professor of Medical Ethics in Tehran university, University of Tehran
A válság ellenére villámgyorsan sikerült segítségükkel kiadni az ingatlanunkat. Kedvesek, maximálisan emberek. Talán még erő felett is teljesítenek. Csak ajánlani tudom mindenkinek.
by Dr. Szabó M.
Szeged, Lakás tulajdonos
Even before coming to Szeged, you helped me to choose the best flat in Szeged. Thank you all.
by Abdullah B., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2010
Medical student at University of Szeged, SZTE-AOK
You helped me a lot even though we don't know each other! I just can't express how grateful I am right now! You are very nice!
by Katerina I., Athens, Greece 2005
Dentistry student at University of Szeged, SZTE-FOK

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