I need accommodation

I am looking for a flat with flatmate

I need flatmate.

I am living in a flat as (landlady/landlord/renter) and looking for flatmate

Important things about your future flatmate:

  • Male or female or no preference.
  •  Preferred flatmate’s age
  •  Student or a professional,
  • Which you be happy with.
  • How often like to clean
  •  Listening to music a lot or not.
  •  Expecting lots of visitors?
  • Would you mind an odd party?
  •  The same interests as yours.

What to mention about the flat:

  • Size of the roomSize
  • What’s in the room?
  • About the property
  • Who currently lives there?
  • What’s nearby?
  • Facilities on offer
  • Location, local area, costs, extra costs,…
  • The tenancy Period
  • The house rules & sticking to them

Looking for flatmate 

The Inquiry Type: Finding Flatmate 

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