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Why renovate and furnish an apartment?

Most of the old apartments in town are not functional. Their systems are old. The apartments do not fit modern standards. As a result, renovated and furnished apartment will be much easier to rent out. It will ensure a higher price when renting it. In the future most of the apartments in the city will be modern and renovated. One should invest now then enjoy the fruits of the investment in the future.

Renovate and furnish for maximised rental returns.

Our company is using a team of architects. They make renovation and furnishing according to the highest professional standards.

Interior Design vs. Interior Decorating

So you’ve decided to make a few changes at home. You realize that you’re going to need a bit of help. You begin looking for possible services. You find that some professionals describe their work as interior design while others are interior decorators. Suddenly you’re faced with new questions.  “What’s the difference?” And more importantly, “Which one do I need?”

Interior design and interior decorating are often mistaken as the same thing. But the terms are not completely same. There are many similarities between the two jobs. In fact, that opinions vary on exactly where to draw the line. There are also more than a few differences between the professions. Some small, some big. As you decide which kind of help you need when you are planning changes in your home. It help to understand the differences between designers and decorators. Their schooling, the works, their services, and their customers.

Interior Design 

  • Interior design requires specific schooling and formal training. The work involved usually includes studying color and fabric, computer-aided design (CAD) training, drawing, space planning, furniture design, architecture, and more. Upon graduating, designers often work with a registered interior designer before moving on to start their own companies.
  • Designers can help design and renovate interiors—from drawing the initial floor plans to placing the last decorative object. Designers don’t just change the look; they also change the function of a room.
  • Interior designers often work with architects and contractors to help achieve the look the customers desires, whether that customer is designing a residential home, an office, a hotel, or any other interior space.

Interior Decorating 

  • Interior decorators don’t need formal schooling because they focus on art and don’t renovate. A decorator work start after the structural planning is completed. They focus on the surface look of the space. Many interior decorators have college degrees in related fields, but it is not a requirement for the profession.
  • Good decorators start work by coming into a room and turning it into visual shape. For new spaces, they can help clients decide on a style, color, furniture and accessory. They’re also often update an existing space.
  • They don’t work with any contractors or architects, because structural work is usually complete before they come on board. They work with furniture makers and other industry professionals. Usually, they work directly with homeowners or business managers.
Should I Hire a Designer or a Decorator? 

Who you should hire depends on your needs. If structural changes are needed (such as removing a wall, moving plumbing or wiring around, or adding new windows or doors), then generally an interior designer is the better choice. Designers can help plan for significant structural changes and help make them happen by working directly with architects and builders. On the other hand, if there are no structural changes needed but you need aesthetic help—deciding on a style; choosing wallpaper, paint, and furnishings; picking window treatments, and choosing lighting and accessories—an interior decorator will probably do the trick. Experienced decorators know what works together and can transform a room to suit a client’s needs and desires.

In the end, however, choosing the right professional depends largely on the skills of the particular professional, not the job title. A great many designers with formal schooling spend most of their time doing work that can be best described as decorating since it involves no renovation or structural work. And there are just as many professional decorators who, through long experience, are perfectly capable of working with contractors and builders in the same way as a designer.

When hiring a professional, begin with clearly understanding your own needs and look for a pro who has a proven reputation for meeting those needs, no matter what the formal job title. It’s generally true that designers are for space planning and structural execution, while decorators are for the final aesthetic decisions. But don’t be afraid to cross lines to hire a decorator with a reputation as a good designer, or a designer with a flair for decorating, provided their skills are proven.

Interior Design 

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